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Internet advertising

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Internet advertising Google AdWords


McSite company engaged in advertising on the Internet and has a Google Partner status. Certified specialists work in the state.


Web Developmentsmall website
Small Website

Small Website allows you to show that such a company exists on the market and attract potential customers.

Our offering:

  • Individual design that takes into account all wishes and requirements
    of the customer.
  • Individually designed site structure with best usability.
  • Complete filling of the content based of the Customer materials.
  • Content Management System (CMS).
  • Ability to add unlimited number of pages, menu items.
  • Search module.
  • A simple feedback form.
  • Basic site optimization for search engines.
  • Site Statistic.

Small Website Price from €700



adaptation for mobileAdaptation of Website for Mobile Devices

Your benefits:

  • Get customer loyalty;
  • Increase traffic to the site;
  • Increase sales.

Mobile Version of Small Website Price from €250

Websites for Mobile Devices

Your benefits:

  • Get customer loyalty;
  • Increase traffic to the site;
  • Increase sales.

Mobile Version of Small Website Price from €220


Company Sitecompany

The Company Website in details presentes samples of the company's products and directions of activity.

Often a site like this is called "Catalog", by analogy with a booklet of the company, which introduces in detail the appearance of products, technical characteristics etc.

Usually this site has news of the company and other modules such as feedback forms.

The Company Website Design includes:

  • Individual design that takes into account all the characteristics and customer requirements.
  • Individually designed site structure.
  • Complete filling of the content on basis of materials of the Customer.
  • Content Management System (CMS).
  • Ability to add unlimited number of pages, menu items.
  • Special order forms for goods and services.
  • Product Catalogue.
  • Photo gallery.
  • Flash.
  • Search module.
  • A simple feedback form.
  • Sitemap for search engine Google.
  • Primary site optimization for search engines.
  • Statistic module.

The term of Company Website development - 1 month.

Company Website price starts from € 1 000

online storeОnline Store

Our offering:

  • Development strategy for online store;
  • Ongoing technical support;
  • Promotion of your online store;
  • Connecting Internet acquiring;
  • Increasing sales of online store;
  • Free lessons how to fill an online store.

The term of Online Store development — 1 month

Online Store price starts from € 1 200.

The key to Online Store success

Development Strategy for Internet Shop

Develop a strategy for the development of Internet Shop. What sources will be used to attract customers?
What marketing methods will be used? Answer the question what your online store different from others.

Qualitative description of the goods

Without good description it will be very difficult to sell goods. There is important not only text but also photograph. Organize photo session, 3d panoram. Create a video review of the products.

Improve your online shop

There is no limit for perfection. Create unique product reviews, which is interesting to people. Test changes to the site.
Mobile version of online store

Mobile Version of online store Price from € 300.

Connecting Internet acquiring (card payment)

Your benefits:

  • increase sales through "impulsive" shopping;
  • expand customer reach, as system accepts credit cards from all types of banks;
  • be protected from counterfeit money;
  • provide customers with convenient and reliable method of shopping;

Connecting to Internet acquiring: € 500

Mobile Version of Site

Segment of mobile Internet users is growing rapidly. And the question of whether to have a mobile version of the site becomes more urgent. Mobile version of the site is not a fad, but an important trend in web development.

If you already have a website we can develop a mobile version as addition to the actual website. Then without any problems users may visit your site from mobile devices.

Why the mobile version of the site is needed?

This will allow people to visit your site from mobile devices. With increasing site traffic is growing and the number of customers.
Mobile Internet audience most solvent.
Mobile version of the site is the indicator that your company is up to date.

Two aproach to mobile version development

1. Adaptation of existing website for viewing on mobile devices. With such aproach, you get a mobile version which is identical to the main site. It reflects the structure of the main site

2. Independent mobile version. Such solution involves the creation of a special version. It can differ from the basic. It looks more like the HTML version. This allows you to display information even on the simple phones.

Technical Services Site ServicesTechnical Services
Site Services

Regardless of what kind of website, online business card, information resource online store to the site was interesting and people came to him again and again, it is necessary to regularly update the relevant information.

To do this, write articles, accompanied by interesting and high-quality photos, post them on the site.
We will help you in this, and will take care of the problems:nomination papers to the site, the modernization of the site;

photo processing, if you want to resize, crop the improve quality;
processing video, if you want to mount from your video presentation, or cut unwanted scenes;
Subject photography, if you want pictures of the goods and other things.

The cost of site maintenance

*The minimum volume of services for order is € 100.

Work done serially or in parallel, if an urgent need to perform the task, the price increased by 2 times.
Work begins after receipt of payment. Prices have not changed since January 8, 2014.

Maintenance on site CMS Joomla, MODX Revolution, Concrete5, InstantCMS,Drupal, OpenCart, Joostina и PrestaShop, WordPress.

Package cost € 80.

The package does not include technical support for extra extensions, although it is possible by agreement for a fee.


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